Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training

Don’t trust “Luck” to keep children & young people safe

Karen Livesey

Karen established C.A.T. Training service following 26 years of working as an Advanced Practitioner and Senior Youth Worker for Lancashire County Council’s Young Peoples Service. Karen is a qualified teacher, experienced trainer and youth worker with extensive experience of working with children and young people in Lancashire. Karen has knowledge and understanding of the significance of Child Sexual Exploitation as part of children and young people’s Safeguarding, well-being and vulnerability.

What is Child Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is an abuse of children and young people from all backgrounds and communities that is increasing and alarming right across the UK.


Dangers & Strangers

Aim: To understand how to keep kids safe online.

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training

Aim: To understand the complexities of Child Sexual Exploitation and Safeguarding.

Bespoke Training

Contact C.A.T. for bespoke Training on Child Sexual Exploitation, tailored to your group or organisation’s requirements; from small interactive group work to larger Training events.

Research from Barnardo’s shows the alarming increase in statistics of the number of children and young people involved in CSE cases of abuse with 97 % of CSE taking place via social media. (Digital Dangers 2016) ALL parents and adults with responsibility for children and young people need to have knowledge and awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and Safeguarding to ensure the safety and security of the child or young person is paramount. It is important to remember any child or young person can be a victim of Child Sexual Exploitation regardless of age, culture, sexuality, ability, background. It can happen to boys as well as girls.